Common Core Math or Stupid Math?

While I completely understand the purpose behind Common Core Math I am very upset with the level of the math my kids are now learning. Do they really need to learn so many different ways of showing that 9+5=14? Really??? How many months can they do basically the SAME math over and over again? Yes I do understand that there are a few kids who still don’t get it but come on… there is a time and place for remedial or extra math help for those kids. Why must the system drag every kid down to the lowest of the low common denominators? Why hold back the smart kids with this for lack of a better word… bullshit?

When it comes down to Common Core I understand the need to try to “level the playing field” but at what cost?  The teachers seem to have their hands tied with this system and the smart kids are suffering with extreme cases of boredom as a result. Why must we dedicate a whole system across the board to do what teachers are supposed to do in the first place? After all isn’t it the teacher’s job to find a way to teach the material to the kids? If a child does not understand something it is the teacher’s job to find a different way to get through to the kids. Why are we trying to turn the teachers into robots rather than living breathing organisms that can adapt to the environment and find the best way to reach each child on their own without holding the smarter ones back?

All I can say is that my boys are bored to tears by this Common Core Math. It has gotten to the point that we are all openly calling it STUPID MATH. As it appeals to the stupidest of the kids. Yes this is mean, but it also seems to be true. To ask kids in 1st grade to add 9+5 and show their work many many different ways over many many months is asinine.  Why must we hold kids back just because a few kids don’t get it? Why not let them advance and give the other kids additional help?

What I fear will happen here is that we end up turning off the kids that are good at math and make them hate school and hate learning. This is what I see happening with my kids and their friends. They find math stupid and boring. Rather than raising the level of our kids math abilities we are going to end up hurting them in the long run with this foolishness.

As moms what can we  do to keep math fun for them? To be honest I am not sure… as after months of basically the same problems over and over again my kids are bored and going crazy with the stupidity of Common Core. So what we are doing is embracing the stupidity… we are acknowledging that this is stupid, while grudgingly learning yet more ways to show the work behind simple math problems. I find that at this point the ONLY way we can make it through the repetition of these asinine homework assignments is to make a joke of it. (Yes I know it is not politically correct, but at this point I give up and need to do what I can to keep their interest in this stupid math). So if I need to pretend to talk like a moron when reading the homework assignment and make jokes at the expense of the math work I will and I will allow my kids to do so too. All the while saying, we have to do this incase you take a standardized test and they ask you to show this stuff you need to know it.  So basically, I am spending my days checking the same homework over and over again but with slightly different “work” showing how they got the same answers to the same questions week after week.

So bring on the stupid math… we will survive it, but it just makes my life as a single mom more difficult as I now need to be the cheerleader and teacher to my kids (something they should be getting from their teachers in school). I need to cheer them on with my silly voices and faces to get them through the very boring assignments day in and day out. I also need to find the time to teach them more advanced concepts on my own so their math brains do not shut down due to boredom.

So let me personally thank all you politicians out there who believe this would help everyone and advance America in the field of math, you have handicapped our teachers, bored our kids to death, frustrated most of the intelligent parents out there with this stupidity, and helped only a small portion of the kids out there learn anything new. Instead of bringing everyone down to the lowest level you should have concentrated on funding programs to help those kids who were struggling rise up and developed programs to give teachers the tools to help those kids. I only hope that 10 years from now we all don’t live to regret this stupid nationwide math experiment.

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One Response to Common Core Math or Stupid Math?

  1. nctritech says:

    A major problem with this stuff is that these “new ways” of doing simple mathematics are NOT possible to convert into “do it in your head” tasks. It’s literally impossible to permutate numbers in some of the ways that I’ve seen around the Internet *in your head.* If you want to subtract one number from another, the way to do it in your head involves subtracting single digits from greatest to least, going back and borrowing one as needed. Learning this is not hard if you are used to the least-to-most-with-borrow method taught for decades. This utter ridiculousness where you do subtraction by such quizzical methods as repetitive adding fails to teach in the way that translates to practical functional usage, and requires too many steps and extra intermediate numbers to be practical to compute with no scratch paper. The people who need this absurd method of learning should really just give up and learn to use a calculator.

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